Game Pieces


Paddles can be purchased separately. All paddles are made from cedar wood and are free of knots, cracks and streaks. We accept requests for other wood species such as hard wood.


The dimensions of each paddle section is 12"L x 2 3/4"W x 5/8"T, and they weigh about 1 ounce each. Since they are very light-weight, they will easily fit into a purse, backpack or small cardboard box.


model #pa-001

Early American

$5.00 ea.


model #pa-002

Sedona Red

$5.00 ea.


model #pa-003


$5.00 ea.


model #pa-004


$4.50 ea.

Card Holder

model #pa-005


$4.00 ea.

Domino Rack

model #pa-006


$3.00 ea.

Wooden replacement pegs for Pegs & Jokers game

Peg sets can be purchased separately. Our one-inch tall wooden pegs come in sets of your choice according to the number of players. We have standard colors but special requests for your favorite colors are accepted.

Playing Cards

Standard decks of cards are used with two jokers in each deck. Three decks (162 cards including 6 jokers) may be enough for up to six players - eight players should use four decks (216 cards including 8 jokers).

Playing cards are required to play Pegs & Jokers. Each set of players consists of 2 players each and is assigned 1 deck of cards. Playing cards can be purchased seperately or with game sets.

Card Holders

Solid wood card holders. Each piece is 4" x 10" and has 4 slots. Smooth sanded and sealed for long lasting quality.

Domino Racks

Solid wood 4" x 10" domino racks. Each piece has 4 slots and can hold about 15 dominos standing straight up or on their sides. Smooth sanded and sealed for long lasting quality.

Seperate Pieces

We have all the game elements needed to assemble a complete game set. Game pieces can be oredered seperately at your convenience.


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