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Card Holders Holding cards in your hands may seem like a simple task, but for some, it may be difficult. For those with physical limitations, a card holder is a helpful item to have around, especially when playing board games that require holding several playing cards in your hand.

When playing the Pegs & Jokers Game, it is not required that you hold the cards in your hands at all times. However, the game does require that a player might have to intermittently hold the cards and then lay them back down in order to move the pegs around the board. A card holder makes it much easier to keep track and monitor the cards without having to handle them as much.

Whether you experience difficulty due to problems of arthritis, past injuries, tremors, or other problems, a card holder can be very helpful. But if you're someone with no physical limitations, having a card holder is a nice-to-have, especially when it comes to organization. Yes, staying organized will help you to have more fun, and maybe even help you play the game better too. A card holder stands the cards up and back at a slight angle, while facing toward you and not your opponent.

Card Holder

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The simple fact that your are not having to pick up your cards and lay them all back down every time you deal a card will help to keep your cards secrete and organized. Children too will find it easier to keep their cards neat and orderly.

Yes, give your arms a break and keep your cards as snug-as-a-bug in a nifty card holder. Our card holders are 10" inches long with 4 rows. Made with solid pine wood, they are durable, yet light-weight. Order your card holder(s) along with a complete set of Pegs & Jokers and save money.


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