Pegs and Jokers Game

Pegs and Jokers Game

Choose from a wide selection of Pegs and Jokers games for sale. All wooden items sold on this site are handmade in America from solid wood for quality and long-lasting durability.

Buy Pegs and Jokers

Buy the Pegs and Jokers game in the full game version or buy the individual components separately. Mix and match the colors and the number of paddles, it's your choice! Let us know before you order and we will satisfy your special request for a customized Pegs and Jokers set. Otherwise, the standard sets come with four different colors.

It's a fun and exciting game for everyone!..

Pegs and Jokers is an exciting race game that can involve individual players or teams. Yes, you decide on how much fun you want to have, whether it's four, six or eight players. Entertain friends at a party, members of your family, traveling on vacation, and events. The game is a popular choice among snowbirds. It's fun for everybody, and kids too!

Carry Box

Purchase the complete set of Pegs and Jokers components and receive everything you need to entertain your friends and family. Included in the sets are paddles, pegs, cards and instructions,. and all are tucked away in a nice carry box. Purchase the complete set today!»

Players move their pegs around as they draw cards..

This game is a game of luck and simple strategy. It starts by linking the gameboard sections together and then each player selects their colored pegs. Then it's a race around the board as the players take turns moving their pegs clockwise around the board-pieces (paddles) by playing different playing cards. The first player or team to get their five (5) pegs from the starting point to their home area wins the game.

Even though your peg(s) might be almost all the way around the board, your opponent can still play a joker card and send you all the way back to your start section. Win the game by moving all five of your pegs to your home section first.

Unfinished Sets

Complete game sets with bare unfinished wood are available for purchase. For those gameboard enthusiasts with an imaginative mind, we can provide you with a complete game set with paddles that have bare unfinished surfaces. The pegs are also ready for your final touch of color preferences.


The components needed are anywhere from 4 to 8 paddle boards, 20 to 45 pegs, and 1 to 4 deck of playing cards. Card holders are sold separately. It all depends on your preference for the number of players you want. The game can involve four, six or eight players playing in partnership roles. The cards are used to move pegs around the board as the players race to move their respective pegs around the connected sections of the board.


The paddles are the main component of the Pegs & Jokers game. They are light-weight connecting sections that form the board circle. Individually, they will easily fit in a purse, backpack or carry bag.

We want to provide you with something that will provide entertainment for your friends and family. Affordable options are available in complete game sets of 4,6, or 8. Each paddle is smooth sanded on top, bottom and sides. All sharp edges are sanded down to prevent injury. Purchase paddles separately!»

Colors & Finishes

Various finish applications are available for your choice of color. Natural and unfinished are also available. Don't see the colors you like, let us know what your favorite colors are. Kids colors and florescent colors are also available. Colorful selections that appeal to all ages and personal preferences..

Family & Friends

It's a game for family and friends, and is based on luck and simple strategy. Anyone can have fun playing. Setting up the game is easy, as you only need to connect the gameboard paddles together and select your appropriate colored pegs. Once everyone is set up and ready, the race begins.

Who can play the Pegs & Jokers Game?

The toy industry is full of toys and board games designed for children. But when it comes to games that involve playing cards, it's probably best not to start children out too young. So when it comes to the Pegs & Jokers Game, kids that are at least 6 years and up can have fun playing the game. It's an easy game to play, and kids can have fun playing with adults. There are many common situations where this type of game can bring people together:

  • Families
  • Church
  • Schools
  • Social Events
  • Snowbirds
  • Vacationeers
  • Home Care
  • Recreation Centers


Pegs and Jokers teams can be formed to have even more fun. Players can by dividing up into teams of 4 or more. Each player sits alternately between their opponents.


Pegs & Jokers gifts are a great idea. The game will make a nice gift for the holidays. Let us know if there is someone you know who will appreciate this game and we'll send it to them in a gift wrapped box. We'll also include a card with a handwritten message.

A little history..

The North American version of the Pegs and Jokers game evolved out of another game from centuries ago. Pachisi is known as the National Game of India, and involves four players that play as partners (two against two) on a board that is shaped like a cross. Each player races their pieces from the center, then around the board and back again. When a player lands on their opponents piece, it sends them back to the start.

It's incredible to think that a board game contrived so long ago can still be enjoyed today by anyone. It's so simple and lightweight, and can be carried anywhere.

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