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There's something special about a simple board game made from wood. The Pegs & Jokers game is a good example of a lightweight, mobile, and easy to understand game. And it will also make a great gift. The game evolved out of another board game from India about a thousand years ago and is still played today by families and friends. It's incredible to think that a board game contrived so long ago can still be enjoyed today by anyone. It's so simple and lightweight, and can be carried anywhere.


Shop for game items that include complete game sets or individual items. Mix and match the items you want to make that special gift for someone you love. Whether you're planning a party, or you just want one special gift for a specific family member or friend.


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Ordering is simple too, just let us know what you want to surprise someone with and we'll send it out the same day via the USPS. If a good Priority rate is available, we'll pick up the extra cost. Overnight will be extra. Their game will arrive in a gift wrapped box that include a gift card and special message.

It also helps If you know what they already like beforehand, and in this case we will match up their preference to their exact desires for colors and number game pieces. We have some really nice options for mixing and matching components like cards, pegs, card holders and paddle colors.

The Holiday Season

Together, Christmas and Thanksgiving make up what is commonly referred to as the "holiday season." Whether you're enjoying your holidays with friends or family, we can accommodate your celebration of the holiday season with our small inventory of board game gifts. The Pegs & Jokers Game will make a great gift for someone you know, and you'll find just the right holiday gifts to make your holiday celebration a success. Select from our niche inventory of holiday gifts such as the Pegs & Jokers Game, paddles, pegs, cards, card holders and the Triangle Game. Choose from our selection during the holidays and receive fast shipping.

There's something special about classic board games, and it's interesting to think that some of the most popular board games today were first created centuries ago. The Chinese invented their first known board game in 200 B.C., and in Europe they were playing a game very similar to chess (Tafl) from 400 B.C. Pegs and Jokers is clearly derived ultimately from the Indian race game Pachisi, a race game using dice for movement, probably via its American derivative Sorry! These board games are reminders of just how old they really are.

Holiday Experience

Pegs & Jokers Game is a small, yet hard-working and dedicated organization that is here to satisfy you by supplying you with quality gift items that will enrich your holiday experience. We concentrate on a small specialized inventory of gift items that cater only to specialized needs.

Free Gift Wrapping

We provide free gift wrapping services at no extra charge. Additionally, with your order we will send along a gift card and special message. Let us know before you order. For more gift ideas, visit our page with complete game sets.

"Your celebration is made even more special by those who share it with you. Give someone you know a board game!


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